Antonio Brizzi born in Florence and Babette Riefenstahl born in Berlin starts working together in 1996 with common projects for Dilmos edizioni, Dovetusai and Kundalini. In 1998 they move to Milan where they opened their studio for consultation and projects within industrial and interior design.
In 2000 they open the studio MAT together with M. Bellomo and C. Crosina; a bathroom range in plastic presented at the “Salone Satellite” during the furniture fair of Milan, the shelf-system “Extra”, which won the 2001 design award from the German magazine “design-report”, the sofa-system “Bahli” for Frighetto industries and the project of the Italian pavilion at the “Moda Calzado” fair in Madrid are just some of the projects that the group has worked on in this period.
Since 2004 Brizzi+Riefenstahl-studio continue their work as interior and industrial designers with projects for Acem porte, Sabattini Gourmet, Dilmos edizioni and several projects of apartments, shops and showrooms.
Within 2005/2007 they realize the architectonic and furniture project of a villa near Boario Terme. In 2007 they realize the project of a fashion showroom within the Industrial area “Richard–Ginori” at Milano. In the same year in Milano started the realization of a new idea of concept-store “Il Cucchiaio di Legno” (winning 2008 the Macef Design Award), the first shop in Italy concerning all around about kitchen: professional and sophisticated kitchenware together with selected food products in an extraordinary mix of FOOD & DESIGN.
In 2008 starts the project and realization of “Acqua e Fuoco” in Piacenza, a second example of this new idea of concept-store.In 2009 begins the collaboration with the FRATELLI ROSSETTI company, with many projects including the new showroom in Milano.
In 2010/2011 Brizzi+Riefenstahl-studio realizes the complete renovation and the furniture project of “Palazzo Segreti”, hotel de charme in the heart of Milano.


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